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Spring Planting !

What to Plant in the Spring for North Carolina Zones 6 ½ -7.

Spring will be from March 20th – June 20th.

The first step in getting ready to plant in the Spring is to start with your soil. The soil may need to be mended depending on its conditions and is rather easy to do. In order to med the soil go through the process of tilling it (breaking it up and shifting it around) with your garden tools. If you notice that the soil condition is poor then it is time to add to it. To bring the soil back to a healthy condition add soil conditioner, mushroom compost, black kow, and other personal composting efforts. This will aid in the soils condition and will boost your plants.

Please keep in mind that the following options are just to give you a few ideas of what to plant and there are many more. Also, please be cautious in regards to where you put the plant. In order to be successful a plant must be in the right condition with soil, water, shelter, etc. To find out what the specific plant condition you can always do an internet search or come to Down To Earth garden Center for further consultation.

Shrubs that can be planted in our zone include the following:

Azuela, camellia, gardenia, butterfly bush, weigela, forsythia, hydrangea, arborvitae, & evergreens.

Vines that can be planted:

Jasmine both Carolina and Madison (Madison tends to be hardier), & honey suckle.

Perennials to plant in Spring:

Salvia, sedum, sage, hens and chicks, Indian feather, Mondo grass, Irish moss, green moss, golden moss, coral bells (some varieties for shade), columbine, lithodora, bugle weed (can be planted in shade), day lilies, creeping jenny (can be planted in partial shade), creeping flocks, &wire vine.

Annuals that can be utilized in the Spring:

Geraniums, & pansies (good through May).

We are always available to help you on your next planting adventure. Come in to see us for plant material and consultation. We will work with you as best possible to make sure that you walk away with the garden of your dreams!




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